Reviews: EBay Seller Management Tools

For some sellers the ‘Selling Manager’ offered by eBay just isn’t enough, especially when there are free auction management solutions out there – boasting free image hosting, slideshows, automated invoicing, and more. Recently on EComerce-Guide I took a look at three different third-party software services that can help eBay sellers to organize and manage their eBay venture.

“‘Auctiva is a hosted service in which sellers access the free auction tools from within their own Web browser. Auctiva is a Certified eBay Solutions Provider, and once sellers have created an account and linked it to their eBay account, the service lets them customize shipping, feedback and eBay settings, as well as manage images and listings. Sellers can also create an Auctiva store for free. Starting out with Auctiva is as simple as registering on the Web site and then setting a token to enable Auctiva to communicate with eBay on your behalf.

“‘Auctiva provides sellers with the ability to save commonly used descriptions and information in profiles that can easily be inserted into any listing. Sellers can choose to set standard shipping details that can be kept as a profile or can set up a checkout profile with standard payment options and instructions to buyers. The clean and well-presented interface allows e-tailers to create and save listings faster than when using eBay’s own listing tools. (Unfortunately, this Canada-based reviewer could not evaluate many of the checkout and shipping options because of the lack of international eBay support in Auctiva’s service.)”

Fee Free: Three New eBay Management Packages
By Vangie Beal, July 31, 2007


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