Calling all Coffee Addicts: The 3-minute Bunn Rocks

For the past ten years I have been the sort of person who is unable to sit at the computer to work (or play) without a cup of coffee nearby. I usually buy the cheaper $20-$30 Black & Decker or Proctor Silex ones, which have a short lifespan when you perk your way through six or more pots of coffee each day. The worst thing about these coffee brewers is that the burners wear out and it really takes a long time for a pot to perk. The pause and serve feature is okay, but if you use it too soon you get one wicked cup of coffee and the rest of the pot is far too weak.

A friend told me they were using the Tim Hortons Coffee Brewer by Bunn at work, and that it was a very good coffee brewer that perks a full pot in 3 minutes. I looked online and the more I read, the more I wanted one. This week I forked over the near $150 (with the ever popular 14% tax) and brought one home. It is the best investment I have made this year. Perfect pots of coffee come streaming out in less than 3 minutes. Mine actually averages 2 minutes 53 seconds. The coffee is also super hot right away. I absolutely love this coffee brewer. 

I did at one time have a Melitta pot that perked fast, but the difference is that the Melitta had only a basic stream so the water poured down fast through only the center of the coffee – so the whole pot of coffee was weak. I was using close to twice the amount of coffee to get a strong cup as I normally would have. This Bunn perk has a nifty rotating spray-head so you still get a fast perk, but it flows through all the coffee you put in the filter basket.

You can check it out on the Tim Hortons Web site – however, I am sure you can get an unbranded model the same by Bunn (probably a bit cheaper too). An excellent product well worth considering if you’re a coffee addict like myself.

Plus the sleek black & stainless steel design matches my kitchen perfectly.


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