This Week in Instant Messaging (IM) News

The latest IM Watch has been published on Instant Messaging Planet. This week in Instant Messaging news Casual Games unleashes GoPets for Live Messenger, AOL opens QQ Games and announces 64-bit beta version of Helix, Sybase iAnywhere enhances suite, and Nielsen NetRatings unveils IM movers and shakers.

“‘Instant messaging service, VelvetPuffin, released a new QuickLaunch Web service that will allow users to access VelvetPuffin from any Internet-enabled PC without being required to download any software. The new QuickLaunch feature gives you access to VelvetPuffin online and allows you to close the browser and use the IM client as a desktop application that offers both a task-bar icon and real-time alerts. The new service uses Java and Adobe’s Flash Player 9.

“‘Presence Networks has also launched a Web-based version of its instant messaging service, which the company says will help boost remote worker productivity without compromising security or performance. The new Networker Web Access client offers remote users a more secure alternative to traditional peer-to-peer IM with hosting on a dedicated 128-bit encrypted server that offers security through integrated antivirus protection.”

IM Watch: Windows Live Messenger — Where the Pets Go?
By Vangie Beal, August 1, 2007


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