Darn Those Keyboards With Tiny Little Keys…

 I bought the Logitech Multimedia Keyboard Elite yesterday (Cnet Review here). Down to $19.99 at Staples I couldn’t resist it. Sweet looking keyboard. I had the sales associate open the box right there as none were on display and I quickly tested the home row and it seemed like it would be okay.  I plugged it in first this morning, which really was big mistake with two articles due up by tomorrow. The keys are far too small with far too little space in between. I tend to type with my finger tip and not my nails (don’t most people, actually?). So when I get going at a decent speed I am actually hitting two keys and not just one – and quite a few of the second keys are showing up in the text meaning I’m doing the typo thing every half dozen words or so. Not a huge problem unless you have about 2,000 words to get typed up today.

Doing the ‘Girls and games’ things so long ago really reminds me of situations like this. There really are differences between men and women and just like with computer games, some computer peripherals also need to distinguish between the two genders. Many women wear their nails long, and darn it – why can’t anyone make a keyboard suited to this?

How annoying for me. I do hope the old Microsoft Internet keyboard will hold out for awhile yet. Its white, its kind of ugly, its permanently stained and doesn’t match my tower – but it has decent sized keys and space around them. I could take this one back, but since my son has been eyeing it (he actually was in the computer room at 9AM to ask me if I liked my new keyboard) I guess the $20 wasted purchase will be useful after all. He wants the keyboard and the the lawn does really need to be mowed…


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