eBay Watch: Blog Updates, Garage Sale Review

This week I found the Garage Sale application while playing around on Facebook. Not being one to turn down a new way to list and sell online, I gave it a quick run through. My mini-review of Garage Sale can be found in this week’s eBay Watch column over on ECommerce-Guide.com.

“”Buy.com launched its Garage Sale platform for online sellers to list items for sale on social networking sites. Currently it is available on Facebook, however the service is expected to be rolled out to other social networks later this year. Facebook users can add the Garage Sale application to their profile and then upload product information and photos to sell online through their Facebook profile pages.

“‘Being somewhat of a Facebook addict myself, I couldn’t resist giving the application a try. Once you register with an e-mail address and password you can instantly start uploading information for items you want to list. Garage Sale offers a single listing page with only the basic detail requirements. You need to include an item title, description, tags, price, quantity, condition, shipping method and shipping cost and then upload a product image.

“‘The Garage Sale application is still in beta, and as such you will encounter some issues to work around. For example, on the first try I specified a price range for shipping, which was not a valid entry. When I went in to fix that, all the form fields were cleared, leaving me to enter all the information a second time. When I went in to edit an existing listing, I noticed all the form fields retained the information except the tag field, so I had to re-enter the tags again.”

eBay Watch: Blog Updates, Garage Sale Review
By Vangie Beal, August 10, 2007


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