(another) Facebook Code Exposure

Love this story. Apparently a young Facebook user (Trae McNeely) logged in, and did not get his Facebook homepage, but rather a screen full of Facebook’s proprietary source code. Really, the code was obtained through a public disclosure means (obviously a big OOPS) but the code was copied by McNeely and published online. He did take it down after being contacted by Facebook attorney. What I found the most laughable was McNeely’s views on the attorney. Anyway, read it over on The Register.

“‘Despite his belief that he was probably under no legal requirement to remove the code, McNeely did just that, having expunged the post at exactly 2:10, Oklahoma time, on Saturday afternoon. But the gesture also came with a little finger wagging.“‘Listen, let me give you some advice,’ McNeely responded in an email to the attorney. ‘Next time respond more cordially because you, most likely, are not authorized to practice law in any fashion in any jurisdiction. If I hear anymore crap from you guys I’ll sue for harassment.'”


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