eBay Watch: Feedback Changes, iPhone Shopping Application

This week in eBay news, the company downgrades neutral feedback ratings to negatives, a refer-a-friend program debuts and a free shopping application for the iPhone is introduced.

“‘According to Justus, only 1 percent of sellers cause 35 percent of bad buying experiences, damaging the reputation of the entire eBay community. To address this problem, eBay is going to implement a stricter method for enforcing the Seller Non-Performance policy that weighs a seller’s buyer dissatisfaction rate.

“‘There are currently two types of input from buyers used to measure a seller’s buyer dissatisfaction rate: the percentage of negative and neutral feedback they’ve received and the percentage of Item Not Received complaints filed against them. Sellers who have buyer dissatisfaction rates greater than 5 percent within a 90-day window are now subject to temporary 14-day restrictions in the form of selling sanctions or reduced listing volume, according to the post by Justus. “

eBay Watch: Feedback Changes, iPhone Shopping Application
By Vangie Beal, August 17, 2007


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