HP and its Disposable Ideology

I have to admit I have purchased my share of HP products. Two years ago for Mother’s day I received the HP Photosmart 945 digital camera. Funny how some years you get exactly what you want. Must have had something to do with going through childbirth recently. Anyway, I really like the camera. I love the heavy SLR style digitals and I had the dock and so on. When I dropped it on the lens which was extended at the time, I knew I messed it up. Most of the time when you turn it on and off you get this horrid grinding noise as the lens moves. You also cannot zoom much in either direction when the camera is on. Its about 2 years old and the purchase price, with the Nova Scotia (at this time) 15% tax it was hitting the $600 purchase range. Camera repair centers are not authorized to fix HP cameras, they send them to HP. HP no longer supports this product, so I cannot get it repaired.

I’m sorry HP, but a $500+ camera, to me, is NOT a disposable camera. Based on the purchase price and the camera itself, HP should have had a much higher quantity of replacement parts manufactured during production. According to the HP rep I spoke with, they basically end support when they run out of parts. Understandable for the cheap $50 digital cameras that are currently flooding the Wal-Marts of the world. Unbelievable for a $500 camera.

The same week I broke the HP camera I also knocked my HP all-in-one inkjet on the floor. Springs flew, literally. In December I had purchased extra photo and color ink cartridges for the printer, knowing Christmas would bring extra family printing demands. When the printer hit the floor I went to Staples to find a replacement. My only criteria was an HP printer that would take the $80 worth of cartridges I had sitting at home. Of course I couldn’t find one.  I bought the HP F340 all-in-one Deskjet instead and sold the ink I had for $8 on eBay.

I went online to the HP Web site in the days following the printer purchase and the brand new printer I had just bought was already a discontinued and unsupported item.

That my friends, ends my loyalty to HP. Your average consumer who does not have a disposable income to blow on HP products do deserve better warranties and longer service periods.


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