eBay Watch: Widgets and Image Hosting

While I mentioned Ortiz’ Benz in an earlier post this morning, there is more details on this bust auction in this week’s eBay Watch on EcommerceGuide. In today’s eBay Watch column I talk about the new eBay home page on tap, a widget you can use to market your listings and an affordable image hosting service. Plus, Red Sox slugger David Ortiz puts his World Series Benz on the auction block.

“‘This week we take a look at AuctionAssist, an online Web service offering sellers easy-to-use auction solutions. Offering built-in support for eBay Stores, Overstock.com, Froogle, Shopzilla and Shopping.com, AuctionAssist offers some management tools as well as image hosting services. For auction management you can use this service to create, annotate or delete listings. You can also build your listings with a visual editor that has a spell checker and include shipping and payment details, plus track visitors to your listing pages. You can place up to 50 images per auction, with the thumbnails being automatically generated for you.

“‘The good: Pricing is quite reasonable. A Basic account provides up to 10MB of space for $5 per quarter, Professional provides 50MB of space at $12 per quarter and Platinum has 500MB of space at $18 per quarter. Plans offer anywhere from 5 to 10 days of free trial services.

“‘The Bad: Cheap is good, but unfortunately AuctionAssist does not offer any eBay Compatible Application logos (define) on its site. This means some features may not integrate as well as those offered by a certified Compatible Application.”

eBay Watch: Widgets and Image Hosting
By Vangie Beal, August 24, 2007


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