Facebook: Great Target For Fear Mongering Headlines

Over on OpenNetworksToday Michael Hall is again telling it like it is, and giving some journalists the flack they deserve for the recent “Facebook Security” headlines. Sophos polled a whopping of 600 workers and from that poll sent out a press release. From that press release we have (and these are from my own Google News search today):

  • Bosses block Facebook access, The Age, Australia
  • Poll: Half of employers restrict Facebook, CNET News.com
  • Social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace are potential security risks to companies, PersonnelToday.com

See how the headlines get scarier? What Hall points out in this blog post is that it is just more “fear-mongering tactics” and too many writers coping press releases word-for-word.

“‘And reporters once again oblige, with headlines like ‘Worried companies block Facebook’ appearing over stories that refer to ‘the security backlash against Facebook’ and dutifully link back to last week’s regurgitations of Sophos’ press releases, referring to them as ‘publicity’ about ‘the information theft peril presented by Facebook.'”

Check out Michael Hall’s blog post here.


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