Aggregate Your Social Networks From One Place

MyLifeBrand is a new social platform that lets its users aggregate and manage their favorite social networks, communities, services and friends on one site. Launched recently in beta form, you can basically set up auto-logins for multiple social networking sites and access them simultaneously through the MyLifeBrand Web site. 

To start, you need to choose your user type ” individual, artist, company….”. Once you have created an account you then log back in and choose your default community “GenerationX” or “Global”. Once you’re registered, have a profile filled out and are sitting on your personalized page, you can access your own dashboard. The dashboard options let you add and later access your MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any social networking site account. After the accounts are added you can then select a tab to load that site inside of MyLifeBrand. Other features worth noting include the ability to map friends in geographical representation, connect with a meebome account right from MyLifeBrand, and also add embeddable widgets to your personalized home page.

I have to admit MyLifeBrand does offer more than I actually expected it to. It still remains to be seen if I really want to belong to yet another online community and if the interface provided by MyLifeBrand to access multiple social networking accounts becomes intrusive over time or not.  Really, most people just use a nifty little thing called ‘tabbed browsing’ if they want to be logged into multiple sites at the same  time, but MyLifeBrand does make the process a bit easier.

Personally I’m still waiting for a true unified social networking service.


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