Nifty Tech Terms You Can Use #1: munging

Looking for interesting tech terms to spice up your blog or tech articles? Here is one I really like – munging. This is the Webopedia definition for munging;

“‘(MUHN-jing) The act of altering an e-mail address posted on a Web page to make it unreadable to bots and harvesters that crawl the Web for e-mail addresses to include on spam lists. Munging is where the e-mail address is not fully written out but is still understandable to anyone reading the Web page. The characters to the left of the @ symbol in your e-mail address should not be altered when munging.

For example, munging the e-mail address could result in something like fakeaddress-AT-webopedia-DOT-com. 

The term munge is frequently defined as “mash until no good” and is also called address munging.”


4 responses to “Nifty Tech Terms You Can Use #1: munging

  1. Ok – no kidding here. . . munging also means something else. Something really really bad. I won’t say what, but I am not totally positive that you want to use this word. urbandictionary has an alternate meaning if you are brave. I would suggest you DON’T read it.

    I thought about just leaving this alone, but I decided that you should know.

  2. HA! I just knew it was going to have something to do with dead bodies. But I couldn’t resist. I read it. Sick, sick sick. Munging also means to completely eradicate computer files. Its also is what you call it when a mommy bird regurgitates its food for the young. Still, if I ever use the word in my writing I’m sure it will bring visions of corpses to the odd person’s head. The term was used back as far as 1998 (that I found) for describing e-mail address alterations. Still, even with the odd one or two undesirable definitions… maybe I’ll make sure I use ‘address munging’ instead of just ‘munging’. Thanks! :)

  3. Is it just me or do they always manage to make sick interpretations out of most words?

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