Nifty Tech Terms You Can Use #2: wardriving

For those looking to spice up their blog of technology articles with some interesting tech terms, or for those who just need a little help figuring some of these odd words out, here is another interesting tech term you can use. Wardriving refers to those people who drive around with a Wi-Fi enabled laptop looking for Wi-Fi wireless networks, although the term describes the act not the person. You certainly can use wardriver to refer to the individual who is wardriving. This is the Webopedia definition for wardriving;

“‘The act of driving around in a vehicle with a laptop computer, an antenna, and an 802.11 wireless LAN adapter to exploit existing wireless networks. Set on promiscuous mode, the wireless adapter, typically a NIC, will receive packets within its range. Wardriving exploits wireless networks that have ranges that extend outside the perimeter of buildings in order to gain free internet access or illegal access to an organization’s data. One safeguard against wardriving is using the WEP encryption standard.”

Expanding on the terminology you also have warbiking where a bicycle or even a motorcycle is used in place of a moving vehicle (you may have to do your own Google search for details on balancing the laptop on two wheels), and Wikipedia also cites a usage for warwalking, which, is obviously the same act done while walking and also differs as it would usually be done via a PDA or similar device, rather than a laptop.

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