Security And ‘Out-of-the-office’ Employee Behavior

A report out from Trend Micro says that employees undermine security with foolish out-of-the-office behavior. Well, I’m not sure if trend Micro actually used those words, but that’s the take on it in a new article posted over on  This story discusses security issues which can arise from sending confidential e-mail through Gmail, which in my opinion is a big no-no. I use Gmail for just about everything except for transmitting private information, such as invoices which contain my mailing address, number, and also my social insurance number. Those interested in security issues and mobile workers can check out the full article “Mobile Workers Undo Security Measures“.

“‘The more mobile an employee is, the more likely he is to send confidential information via instant messaging or Web mail, the report found. These are points of weakness that even the most locked-down of laptops can’t block. They also engage in risky online behavior such as visiting social networks or downloading movies.’

“‘In the U.S., 58 percent of respondents with access to the Internet outside the company network admitted to sending confidential information by Webmail, such as Google’s Gmail or Yahoo Mail.’


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