eBay Watch: New ProStores, Auction Templates & Fergie’s Hummer

My latest eBay Watch column has been posted over on ECommerceGuide. This week its all about eBay site news, Bidpay lowers fees, how to use auction templates, and Fergie’s Hummer is up on the block.

“‘Antique Central also offers free personalized templates. Sellers simply select one of several backgrounds, enter a text color and add item details, including a URL to an image hosted online. When you generate the code to use on eBay, again visitors will see a credit link to Antique Central. Here you have to complete the e-mail address section before the code will generate, so be sure to take a moment and read Antique Central’s privacy policy before using the service.’

“‘There are many free auction templates to choose from online, but be careful, some of the companies offering them are bogus and are basically set up to capture your e-mail address. Once you do a Google search for ‘auction templates,’ you then have to screen out the sites that exist to collect e-mail addresses versus those offering a real service. Be sure to read the privacy statements on each template Web site to help you find legitimate offerings.’


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