Six Hot Shots in Next-Gen Search, Social Shopping

New shopping sites focused on social commerce and specialized search are sprouting up – and succeeding. We show you how to get listed in a few clicks.

“‘There is no denying that with so many millions of people shopping online that there are dollars to be had in the product search industry, which of course fuels the innovation and technology behind product search. The next generation of shopping search engines is focusing on the consumer who is looking for a more engaging shopping experience, be it a visually pleasing online shopping trip, such as that offered by, or a more social approach to shopping, taken by sites including Stylehive and Kaboodle that let you share your online shopping adventures with friends.’

“‘Better still, some of the newer breed of shopping search sites are serving more natural search results to shoppers rather than just giving the top placements to paid advertising merchants. Obviously, this is good news for both consumers — and merchants on a budget.'”

Six Hot Shots in Next-Gen Search, Social Shopping
By Vangie Beal, September 12, 2007


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