iRibbit for iPhone – Catch it on the Fly

iPhoneMyeBay, the first and so far, seemingly the best eBay widget for the iPhone has announced an official name change to The developers, SilkSystem Solutions, in a  blog post says that this week they will be re-branding the iPhoneMyeBay application. Most recently new features (included in version 2.1) have been added. these changes include some general updates, a bidding and a sellers list. I am most enthustic about the new sellers list feature that lets you see a snapshot of your listed items, ordered by time left and showing the current price and number of bids that have been placed. 

Personally, I think the iRibbit widget is definitely an innovative way for eBayers to buy and sell, right from their iPhone – from their couch or wherever they happen to be when the desire to eBay strikes. Not everyone can plan for being in front of their PC in the minutes leading up to an auction end.

According to the developers, iPhoneMyeBay was intended to be a project development (working) title, but with the release, the winning first place in eBay’s Inaugural Innovate Widget Contest, and also getting the official eBay certification happening so quickly, the widget was initially released with the name of iPhoneMyeBay. Apple seems to fair well with others using its product name (so long as it is an acceptable and positive way), but we all know how frequently eBay feels down on this sort of thing (e.g. Perfume Bay). So its not surprising to see a product name change here. 

“Catch it on the Fly”  with iRibbit actually sounds a whole lot better, I think. A very catchy name and brand. I have to admit, the overwhelming desire to use “Catch IT on the Fly” is difficult — I wonder if the development team was going for that also?

So, for those of you who are both eBay users and iPhone eAdopters, point your browser to and have a look around. I’ll be speaking with SilkSystem Solutions about their eBay / iPhone widget in an upcoming story this month on ECommerce-Guide.


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