Nifty Tech Terms You Can Use (#5): mash-up

For those looking to add some technology lingo to their blog or articles, or for those who just need a little help figuring some of these odd words out, here is another trendy tech term you can use; mash-up. I find it odd how when you look through page after page of strict acronyms and such serious sounding technology words you can roll mash-up right off the tip of your tongue, and it actually makes sense. According to the official mash-up entry at a mash-up is;

“‘… a new breed of Web-based applications created by both hackers and programmers, typically on a volunteer basis, to mix at least two different services from disparate, and even competing, Web sites.’

“‘This capability to mix and match data and applications from multiple sources into one dynamic entity is considered by many to represent the promise of the Web service standard (also referred to as on-demand computing).’

“‘A mash-up, for example, could overlay traffic data from one source on the Internet over maps from Yahoo, Microsoft, Google or any content provider. The term mash-up comes from the hip-hop music practice of mixing two or more songs.”

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