eBay: Canadian PowerSellers Tapped for Taxes, Keyword Listing, Credit Card Numbers Divulged, and More

The latest edition of eBay Watch has been published over on Ecommerce-Guide.com this morning. In the news this week is eBay’s third-party advertising, PayPal promotions, credit card numbers appearing in eBay forums, Canada send the Tax man to eBay, eBay Lingo, and Jay Leno’s desk on the auction block.

“‘On Thursday the Federal Court of Canada ruled that eBay Canada Ltd. must release personal information about its high-volume sellers to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), assisting the government agency in locating sellers who are not paying their fair share of taxes. According to a CTV.ca report, the CRA is targeting Canadian eBay sellers who qualified for the PowerSeller program in 2004 and 2005. The decision brought down by the Federal Court of Canada fueled discussions on the eBay Canada community forum. While some comments applauded large eBay businesses being forced to pay up just as brick-and-mortar stores do at income tax time, others believe this will only contribute to a decline in listings on the Canadian eBay auction site.’

“‘Additionally, a large number of Canadian eBay members, who are smaller sellers, said in their community forum posts that they are just unsure of what to do about eBay expenses and sales when it comes to income tax. Currently a search on the CRA Web site shows no helpful guides or information specific to eBay sellers.'”

eBay Watch: Tips for Keyword Building and Listing
By Vangie Beal – September 28, 2007


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