Contesting Goodness – We Got Bikes (x4) and More Small Wins

Building The Bike Green Youth 15 Speed Diamondback Copperhead mountain bike 

I received my four mountain bikes delivered right to my door – already! We have the two adult bikes and one youth bike assembled and in use. They turned out to be a very nice Diamondback Copperhead (21-speed on the adult, 15-speed on the youth). The girls youth bike is blue, the others green. We love them! Since Haley is all but 3, we’re going to sell the blue youth bike if we can, and then purchase a baby/child seat for dad’s bike instead. We don’t have the space to store the bike for another 7 years so getting the child carrier makes sense, I think.

I honestly hadn’t ridden a bike myself in about fourteen or 15 years. The first trip I took ended with my pant leg in the chain and a huge rip. Oh did the boys at home ever tease me! After that initial mishap, all was well. Surprisingly, I actually do enjoy it and have been out on several trips with my son already. It is great family fun exercise. I can’t wait until we get a child carrier — imagine three of us touring down the road on those green machines. What an excellent contest win! 

This was from the Nestle You Go Play Contest. My son should be getting an MP3 Player (Kool-Aid Contest) and I got a Limited edition Backback from the Bens Bakery Contest.  Hershey’s Rip The Wrap contest is a great way to get free MP3s. I’m almost at my 20 win max limit. Those are all Canadian contest links and all wins from September were from ‘Instant Win’ contests.

For more contesting goodness be sure to check out my 5 Contesting Tips For Beginners post.


One response to “Contesting Goodness – We Got Bikes (x4) and More Small Wins

  1. thta bikeis my dream . i hope i will too get some day .

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