A Lot of Critters Have Come to Call

Ah, I think I must be nuts! For two years we’ve had one little squirrel who raids the bird feeder. Its not a big deal to me, and I don’t mind the little guy hanging around at all. When we moved our stacked woodpile in preparation for Winter, we uncovered another critter – a little chipmunk had built its nest in the woodpile. This week we’ve spotted the chipmunk and two squirrels scurrying all around the doorstep and fresh cut wood we’re currently working on. All three will let us get quite close, and as we stand up on the doorstep to throw nuts and sunflower seeds down – the Bluejays also swoop in for their fair share of snacks. Here are three different critters – all the pictures taken in a span of about two minutes. I really like my critters and I’m actually considering adding a squirrel-type house/feeder to the backyard. Anyway – my lesson well learned for this week. Keep birdseed in tin cans with lids. The little bugger (squirrel) tore the plastic bag apart to get at the birdseed. Now I have flocks of morning doves and jays flying up from under the doorstep when  we use it.


critter04.jpg critter03.jpg

Note to MM: Aren’t they just so cute? ;)


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