Ebay – Skype Downgraded, The New eBay Desktop, Afterbuy.com Acquired, and More

The latest eBay Watch column has been published this morning on Ecommerce-Guide.com. This week I take a look at eBay’s move to downgrade Skype’s value and allow sellers to use Jajah telephony buttons, the new eBay desktop that brings a whole new feel to eBay surfing, eBay’s item recall policy, Mprire’s new WidgetBucks platform, and much more – including a CBS CSI auction that is, quite simply, to die for!

“‘In eBay news this week the company announced a $1.4 billion impairment charge to Skype. In real words, this basically means eBay has said that Skype is not worth near the $2.6 billion that the company paid for it two years ago. Interestingly enough, eBay is also now allowing sellers to use Jajah Buttons on their eBay pages. Recently launched by Jajah, a provider of Web-activated telephony and a competitor to Skype, the new Jajah Buttons are specifically customized to allow eBay buyers and sellers to communicate.’

“‘Sellers can add Jajah buttons to their eBay auctions and eBay Stores pages to let a buyer contact the seller before placing a bid or making a purchase. Jajah has a special tutorial on its Web site that provides detailed instruction on how to use the new Jajah Buttons. According to the information published on the Jajah Web site, the company offers global phone calls at local rates and does not require a contact to use. A rate price chart is also available for those interested in trying the new Jajah Buttons on their eBay pages.’

“‘With Skype drowning in red ink, I have to wonder if we’ll be featuring Skype as our favorite auction of the week in a future edition of eBay Watch.”


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