Nifty Tech Terms You Can Use (#6): internesia

For those looking to throw a little lingo around in their blog and in other writing endeavors, internesia is certainly a nifty tech term you can use. Internesia is a slang term that is derived from the words “Internet” and “amnesia”, and it means the inability to remember on which Web site or other Internet location you found specific information.

If you remember seeing a great deal on a computer hard drive, for example, then cannot remember where you found that deal, you can blame it on internesia. I visit so many Web pages in a single day that I am a frequent victim of internesia myself. Its a funny term, and one you can sneak in for a good laugh. Here is the official definition, courtesy of

“‘(slang) Formed from the combination of Internet and amnesia, internesia is the inability to remember which Web site or other Internet-related location (such as e-mail or newsgroups) specific information came from. The more one uses the Internet, the more information one is exposed to. Bookmarking pages is one tool that helps users remember favorite Internet sites or backtrack to important information, but often bookmarking too many pages will only contribute to internesia.

The ‘Tech Terms’ link on my blog lists all the nifty tech terms I have covered so far. Feel free to suggest a good tech term to discuss in a future post by adding your comments.


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