IM Watch: Social Networks Expand Presence of IM

The latest edition of IM Watch has been published over on This week I take a look at several social networking sites have announced IM connections, AOL has released AIM version 6.5, Trillian reaches an Alpha release stage for the Mac OS X, Palm and Sprint team up on the Centro with Sprint IM, and McAfee, Inc.’s security 2008 line-up features IM protection.

“‘Those who use Facebook are sure to be interested in a new instant messaging application that has launched specifically for the social networking site. FriendVox, still in alpha release, is a browser-based Facebook IM client. It enables Facebook users to engage in instant messaging conversations without needing to use the same public client or network.’

“‘Moving out of social networking IM news to the Mac, Trillian developers have finally announced a long-awaited version for the Mac. In a new blog update, Trillian developers announced that the OS X version of Trillian is not simply an OS X port, but rather a new version of Trillian that has been built from scratch. Before downloading however, the developers do say that this is only the first alpha build of the OS X version of Trillian and, as such users should consider it to be a very preliminary and minimal build.'”


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