eBay Watch: Auctions in the ‘Hood

Another Friday means another weekly edition of eBay Watch over on Ecommerce-Guide.com. This week I take a look at the new eBay neighborhoods, pending changes to the Detailed Seller ratings (DSR), PayPal’s Payment review process, and the latest version of GarageBuy and other eBay tools. Plus get some tips on great eBay Halloween buys.

“‘This week PayPal plans to roll out a new security feature called Payment Review that assists sellers in fighting fraudulent buyers. Payment Review is an automatic system that sends sellers alerts when the system spots a ‘high-risk’ payment. When tagged by the system, the payment will be moved to a pending status while PayPal investigates. If PayPal determines that the payment is most likely fraudulent, the payment will be automatically canceled.’

“‘Payment Review is being used for a small number of transactions to test the system, however PayPal says it expects the program to include an increasing number of transactions in the U.S. and Canada over the next few months.'”


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