Microsoft Windows Home Server (WHS) First Look Preview

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to check out Windows Home Server on the home LAN, and my initial thoughts and first look review of WHS has been published over on PracticallyNetworked. Those looking for an easy way to share, backup, and  access files on your home network might want to have a read.

“‘For the most part, Microsoft has gotten better about PC backup options with each new version of the Windows operating system. Vista’s Backup and Restore Center provides Vista users with a wide variety of options, but it’s concentrated only on a single PC. What Windows Home Server brings to the table is the capability to easily and quickly backup all the PCs on your home network without needing to do much more than select a couple preferences in the Home Server Console.’

“‘If you’re a novice, you really don’t even have to set options. Home Server, it will work as-is at optimum performance with its default settings. This includes full backups being scheduled to run in the early morning hours.”

Microsoft Windows Home Server
By Vangie Beal, 10/17/2007


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