IM Watch: Vendors Line Up to Support UC

The latest IM Watch has been published over on Making headlines this week is more than 50 partners who have announce products and services for Microsoft Unified Communications, Jabber’s MomentIM 5.2.1 supports multiple IM clients, Skype adds its voice to MySpaceIM, Akonix unveils L7 Enterprise v6.2 and much more.

“‘Jabber recently announced availability of Jabber MomentIM 5.2.1, an AOL certified client providing interoperability with AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Google Talk, and other instant messaging clients. New features introduced in Jabber MomentIM 5.2.1 utilize Jabber MomentIM’s flexible COM-based plug-in architecture and include advanced file transfer that enables file transfer between Jabber MomentIM and Jabber Messenger, new branding enhancements, support for Microsoft Vista in addition to Windows XP, and also X.509 certificate-based authentication that requires no additional end-user credentials.’

“‘MySpace and Skype announced they will partner in a move that’s designed to incorporate Skype’s voice engine as a part of the social networking site’s instant messaging service. The service is called MySpaceIM with Skype and is expected to be released next month. By embedding the Skype voice engine into MySpace’s proprietary instant messaging client, MySpace users get free voice messaging across both MySpace and Skype, and also provide MySpace users with access to Skype’s other calling services.'”

IM Watch: Vendors Line Up to Support UC
By Vangie Beal – Published October 23, 2007


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