Halloween – The Fun and Fright is Over

 all of us  Homeboy Skeleton  ladybug

Ah, another evening of spooky fun with the kids. We had a fun time trick-or-treating with friends and the kids are now off the sugar high and have their teeth well brushed and are sound asleep after an evening of walking, having fun and getting oodles of candy.  Last year we ran out of treat bags after sixty kids…. so while I planned for 70 we probably only had around forty this year. But the yard was filled with some decorations and spooky music, so the kids that did go around door-to-door on our street — I’m sure they enjoyed it.

Haley lucked out with being able to wear the purple ladybug costume for preschool (its a spider but she insists only ladybugs have spots) and her pumpkin costume for trick-or-treating. Brennan came up with his own ensemble, a homie zombie of sorts.  I dressed as a witch again this year to take the kids out, and again this year I forgot to glob a layer of cream under the green paint. Needless to say I’ll have a sickly glow about me for the next couple days. But ’tis all for making the evening special for the kids — so green I am for a little bit.  We hooked up with our zombie and kitty cat neighbors to go out. Quite the group!

pumpkin Brennan carving Group Spooks 

Outdoors Shot face My favorite Decoration

Happy Halloween!


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