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eBay Artist Comes Out of His Shell

When I first stumbled upon the Koopa painting eBay auctions, I was amazed. I mean, who would have thought a turtle could be an artist? I contacted Kira Ayn Varszegi, the human member of the artistic team to find out more about Koopa and this unique eBay business. You can read the story over on

“Kira lists some artwork as store inventory, and those in auction format she starts at under a dollar to save on eBay listing fees. Final auction prices for an original Koopa painting can range anywhere from $30 to $900. The remainder of her business is conducted through the Web site where Kira takes special orders for those wanting to own their own unique Koopa artwork.”

Turtle Meets Tempera, eBay Artist Comes Out of His Shell
By Vangie Beal, November 21, 2007

eBay Watch: Using HammerTap to Make More (Holiday) Money

Recently I was tuned in to HammerTap research. it all started with their Webinar focused on Predicting eBay Holiday Sales Trends. This past week I looked at eBay’s Top 25 Hot Gift list, and when backed with HammerTap research you can read some key details on two of the top expected holiday items.

“Throughout much of this year’s eBay Watch columns we’ve been citing eBay Pulse, which week over week has turned up Webkinz as one of the top three keyword searches. It’s a hot item, and I’m not at all surprised to see it ranked as #2 in eBay’s Hot List. Using HammerTap data from 2006, the research shows that during the week of Nov. 13 to Dec. 10, there were a total of 6,147 listings with a 78.35 percent listing success rate (LSR) and a $13.46 average selling price (ASP). Now, since eBay’s Hot List is for “Webkinz / Lil’Kinz” here are some facts from these listings last year that sellers with this product should consider when listing it for holiday 2007 sales.”

eBay Watch: Listing Lessons from Elmo’s World
Trend Watch: Making eBay Sales Shiney and Bright
By Vangie Beal

Holiday Lights Extravaganza Countdown!

Nineteen days and counting until I light the place up!

Today I bought something new for Christmas decorating. Well, last week I bought a new light up wireframe reindeer with motorized head movement. But today, I bought something REALLY new at Canadian Tire. I had one on those $20 off coupons, so really… how could I resist?

Outdoor Light and Sound Show

Outdoor Light and Sound Show ($99.99 – $79.99 with coupon)
– Create a Christmas light and sound show in your front yard.
– Synchronizes existing outdoor Christmas lights to the tune of 20 different Christmas carols.
– Plug lights or lighted decorations in to six different outlets.
– Each outlet can power 1,200 lights.

Oh yeah. It’s going to be a crazy dancing light show this year. You can check it out online on the CTC Web page. Don’t forget to grab your own CTC $10 or $20 off printable coupon (valid until November 18, 2007).

IMPORTANT NOTE: For family members and friends who are reading this, don’t tell Dean. Its a surprise. He doesn’t know I actually bought it yet. I figured I should wait until I made some of those no-bake macaroons (his favorite) before telling him that I blew yet more money on “yet another Christmas light thingy“.

The snow this weekend made it too cold and annoying outside to dig four 2-foot holes to put the driveway/runway ‘light posts’ in the ground. I guess that will have to wait until later on this week. I can’t wait to haul the totes of lights out and get started. I’m running  a bit late this year – hopefully all will be ready to turn on by December 1st.

(There are worse things to be addicted to, honest.)

The Canuck Buck keeps Going Up, Contests, Christmas Lights ….

Getting a pay cheque in the mail used to be such a wonderful thing — now it’s just depressing.  Since the end of August I have lost $1,018, due to being paid in US funds and needing Canadian dollars to live on. That’s like…. 571 large (and 1 medium) double single Timmys. Its about as much money as I funnel into my car’s gas tank… over a two year period. Its so weird having a dollar that is worth more than the US dollar. Guess I better drop the coffee addiction and start contesting full-time to even it out. Speaking of which I did get my Kool Aid MP3 player and I also won $50 in the eBay in the Shop Victoriously contest. The extra mountain bike I won last month that didn’t fit anyone in our family we gave to the little girl next door. Very fun! The new contesting blog “Canadian Contests – Daily Entry” is doing well and so far I’m managing to squeeze in new contest updates every day.

The count-down is on! Only twenty-eight days until our little home gets lit up. This week-end I plan on getting all the Christmas lights down, checked, and ready to go. They don’t actually get turned on until December first, but it’s much easier to get them put up in the warmer November weather. I found 6 pole-like trees out back that were cut down last year that I talked Dean into cutting off at about 6 feet. The idea is that when I make Santa’s runway (the red and white lights that run the length of the driveway) the lights can be spread out at even intervals on the poles and look nicer. The poles should also blend in really well with the tress that gorw along the driveway. Usually I just drape them along the trees that run alongside of the driveway, but a couple years back a Fedex truck caught the last strand when the truck brushed tree overhang. Fedex then hauled a good fifteen sets of light down the road. using the tree poles to attach the driveway lights should prevent that from ever happening again. Hard to explain but hopefully the end result will be what I want. Chances are, even if it doesn’t turn out — after having Dean dig two foot deep holes to bury the bottom of each pole, plus the chainsaw work and so on, I think I’ll be stuck with it regardless of how it looks in the end.

Ah, the fun times never end!