Holiday Lights Extravaganza Countdown!

Nineteen days and counting until I light the place up!

Today I bought something new for Christmas decorating. Well, last week I bought a new light up wireframe reindeer with motorized head movement. But today, I bought something REALLY new at Canadian Tire. I had one on those $20 off coupons, so really… how could I resist?

Outdoor Light and Sound Show

Outdoor Light and Sound Show ($99.99 – $79.99 with coupon)
– Create a Christmas light and sound show in your front yard.
– Synchronizes existing outdoor Christmas lights to the tune of 20 different Christmas carols.
– Plug lights or lighted decorations in to six different outlets.
– Each outlet can power 1,200 lights.

Oh yeah. It’s going to be a crazy dancing light show this year. You can check it out online on the CTC Web page. Don’t forget to grab your own CTC $10 or $20 off printable coupon (valid until November 18, 2007).

IMPORTANT NOTE: For family members and friends who are reading this, don’t tell Dean. Its a surprise. He doesn’t know I actually bought it yet. I figured I should wait until I made some of those no-bake macaroons (his favorite) before telling him that I blew yet more money on “yet another Christmas light thingy“.

The snow this weekend made it too cold and annoying outside to dig four 2-foot holes to put the driveway/runway ‘light posts’ in the ground. I guess that will have to wait until later on this week. I can’t wait to haul the totes of lights out and get started. I’m running  a bit late this year – hopefully all will be ready to turn on by December 1st.

(There are worse things to be addicted to, honest.)


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