eBay Watch: Using HammerTap to Make More (Holiday) Money

Recently I was tuned in to HammerTap research. it all started with their Webinar focused on Predicting eBay Holiday Sales Trends. This past week I looked at eBay’s Top 25 Hot Gift list, and when backed with HammerTap research you can read some key details on two of the top expected holiday items.

“Throughout much of this year’s eBay Watch columns we’ve been citing eBay Pulse, which week over week has turned up Webkinz as one of the top three keyword searches. It’s a hot item, and I’m not at all surprised to see it ranked as #2 in eBay’s Hot List. Using HammerTap data from 2006, the research shows that during the week of Nov. 13 to Dec. 10, there were a total of 6,147 listings with a 78.35 percent listing success rate (LSR) and a $13.46 average selling price (ASP). Now, since eBay’s Hot List is for “Webkinz / Lil’Kinz” here are some facts from these listings last year that sellers with this product should consider when listing it for holiday 2007 sales.”

eBay Watch: Listing Lessons from Elmo’s World
Trend Watch: Making eBay Sales Shiney and Bright
By Vangie Beal


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