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Clicking With eBay’s New Affiliate Program

EBay broke up with affiliate sidekick Commission Junction, going solo with its eBay Partner Network. We show you how to set up and use the new program.

“Tools is where you create the links and use “creatives” that you display on your Web page to link back to eBay with your embedded affiliate referral code. Currently there are four tools available in this tab, but before we take a closer look, first we’ll discuss a new eBay affiliate buzzword: geo-target.

Geo-targeting basically identifies the location of the user and redirects them to a particular landing page based on that identified location. For example, if a user from the UK visits your Web page and your affiliate link directs them to a keyword-based search results page, that user would automatically be directed to the site for the given keyword. This is definitely an added benefit to affiliate publishers as it can help boost conversion rates when a user lands on their own country pages. It’s also as easy as checking the geo-target box when you design your creatives.

Now that we have geo-targeting cleared up, lets take a look at four tool options in the eBay Partner Network Tools tab.”

Clicking With eBay’s New Affiliate Program
By Vangie Beal, April 16, 2008

Facebook-for-Profit Apps Echo with Sound of Silence

Remember all those hyped e-commerce apps for Facebook? We do, but it seems no one else does. Will these take off or continue to falter? Read what our Facebook afficianado says about social networking and selling.

“Just recently, Amazon joined the fray, rolling out two new Facebook applications: Amazon Giver and Amazon Grapevine. Giver lets you see and purchase what your friends want through their Amazon Wish Lists, and with Grapevine installed you can see recent public activity on Amazon. Currently, Amazon Giver users have posted 20 messages in the discussion forums and current statistics show that the app has a total of 1,450 installations since March 20, 2008. It currently has only 29 daily active users. Amazon Grapevine shows six discussion board posts, 18 daily active users, and according to Adonomics, 900 total users.”

Facebook-for-Profit Apps Echo with Sound of Silence
By Vangie Beal, April 2, 2008