MuseStorm Offers Platform for iPhone Marketing

With MuseStorm’s Platform, you can produce, deliver, manage and analyze metrics for the widgets and social applications you create.

“The MuseStorm Engagement Platform was recently extended to include support for iPhone development and it offers users the option to deliver their content through a Web browser to iPhones. These Web applications can be downloaded through Apple or other means, and when iPhone users receive a widget built using the MuseStorm platform, they point the browser to a location on the Web where a video, slideshow, or an RSS feed can be accessed. MuseStorm widgets are specifically designed to take advantage of the iPhone interface. The widgets mirror the look and feel of the iPhone, and also use the popular iPhone touch-screen navigation system.”

MuseStorm Offers Platform for iPhone Marketing
By Vangie Beal, July 1, 2008


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