How to Create Your Very Own RSS Feed

RSS is the acronym used to describe the de facto standard for the syndication of Web content. RSS is an XML-based format, and while it can be used in different ways for content distribution, its most widespread use is in distributing news on the Web.

“When a Web site publishes an RSS document, the feed will usually contain a summary of the most recent articles and content published on the site. Most feeds will offer readers a headline plus a brief headline description (or summary), along with a description of the source Web site. RSS feeds are created by using tags that are enclosed in brackets, much like HTML code is. For those interested in creating their own RSS feed, all you need to start is a text editor (like Notepad). All you really need to know, at the very minimum, are the tags you must include to make the RSS feed work.”

How to Create an RSS Feed
By Vangie Beal, July 17, 2008


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