Stuck For a Story Topic? Try Imagination Prompt.

When one story deadline is met only to find yourself just days away from the next, it can be difficult to keep those creative juices flowing. Despite spending most of my days writing and researching more technical-focused topics, every so often I like to sit and write, just for the fun of writing. Creative writing has been a passion since I was a young girl; poetry, short stories, general musings and so on.

Even though I spend four to eight hours some days writing my freelance articles, there are times when I still want to write for fun. Unfortunately, after pulling off two 800-1,000 word articles in one day, my brain tends to be reduced to a mush-like state where not even the strongest cup o’ java pumped out on my Tim Horton’s home brewer can help me think of a topic for a little creative writing session.

This evening I stumbled upon a nifty little online tool called the Imagination Prompt generator. It offers writers inspiration by randomly generating phrases and prompts to help you get “unstuck” when you’d like to try a bit of creative writing but can’t think of anything to write about.

– What things in life give you pain?
– Normal is…
– 10 unfinished projects hanging over my head
– I wish I could…
– Look at your hands. Why are you grateful for them?

I know, they’re basic topics and phrases, right? But when you’re really stuck, even the most basic and general topics can elude you.


One response to “Stuck For a Story Topic? Try Imagination Prompt.

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