Using inkFrog Auction Tools for Princely eBay Profits

Third-party platform inkFrog integrates with eBay to help you list, showcase and manage your sales so you can leap ahead of the competition.

“First let’s just go over the advantages of using off-site tools in general. It’s important to note that by choosing to use an auction service provider, you are not giving up any flexibility in terms of running your business. Sellers can choose to keep using the eBay listing tool if they are more comfortable with it, but at the same time they can use other third-party auction tools, such as image hosting and gallery slideshows, from other companies. This is a benefit to any seller, as it lets you work with a mix of auction tools that best suits your own eBay business and listing needs.

For the most part, sellers choose to use these types of auction management services because they offer listing tools, features and options that eBay doesn’t have, or simply because it makes it easier for them to list and sell on eBay.”

Review: Using inkFrog Auction Tools for Princely eBay Profits
By Vangie Beal, July 21, 2008


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