Nifty Tech Terms You Can Use #7: anticipointment

Here is another fun technical-oriented term you can use when blogging or writing. With this one, however, you will need to add some clarification to ensure your readers do not think you are making one heck of a typo.

Anticipointment is a slang term that is used to describe the merging of the two words anticipation and disappointment. In tech terms, it is used to describe those who are eagerly anticipating the price drop on technology products to make them affordable, but at the same time are disappointed knowing a better product is on the horizon. You may be highly anticipating the purchase, but are disappointed at the same time because something better will be out soon. Y

One could use the word anticipointment to describe how you feel about the Apple iPhone 3G. Currently the retail price is high, and you may have decided to delay the purchase until the price drops a bit. The problem however, is knowing that if you wait to buy it, you’ll own the Apple 3G just in time for all your friends to rush out and buy the next version, leaving you far behind the crowd of early adopters. The same holds true in the crazy word of video cards. There could be a new game out, and you might start saving up to purchase a new kick-butt video card. By the time you have enough saved to make the purchase, however, you are already seeing news headlines announcing the company’s newer, and better video card product.

An example; “After having read the rumors of a new Nvidia gamer card scheduled for a Fall release, Fred was filled with anticipointment as he left the store with his new GeForce GTX 280 in hand.”

The “Tech Terms” link on my blog lists all the nifty tech terms I have covered so far. Feel free to suggest a good tech term to discuss in a future post by adding your comments. Definitions added to each blog post is courtesy of


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