Bonanzle: The Best eBay Alternative We’ve Seen

This snappy, start-up company created an online marketplace that’s easy to use, affordable and includes awesome online selling tools. In fact, it’s the best eBay alternative we’ve seen yet.

One of the biggest problems that we find on many of the smaller alternative sites, and even on the big sites including eBay itself, is that in their attempt to be so feature-rich, they actually make listing items a chore for experienced sellers and for novices the task can be rather overwhelming.

As a seller, I know I am not alone in my frustration. From having to go through seven or more screens just to select an item category, to doing just as much work to create my own storefront category names (not to mention copying HTML templates from one Web site to another), listing online for the small, average seller is becoming more complex and awkward and you need to invest far too much time in the actual listing process.

During an interview with, the site’s founder, Bill Harding, summed up the heart of’s philosophy when he said, “Do we really need five or more screens to list a single item?”

Bonanzle: The Best eBay Alternative We’ve Seen
By Vangie Beal, July 30, 2008


2 responses to “Bonanzle: The Best eBay Alternative We’ve Seen

  1. This looks like a very good startup company.


  2. I have been a member of the Bonanzle community for a little over a month, have almost 1000 items listed, and LOVE it there. I came from eBay, and the description above is correct for both perspectives, Bonanzle, and eBay. We have so many more features, with so many fewer keystrokes, it is AWSOME!

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