Cross-Network IM Conferencing with Persistent.IM

SHAPE Services, known for its IM+ brand of mobile clients, bridges the gap between IM networks with an easy-to- use, cross-network conferencing platform.

Users can create a user account on the site that lets them establish live (or persistent) IM conferences that shows up as a buddy or friend on the invited participants IM contact list. As the conference progresses, for example, when a participant writes a message, will deliver the message to all online participants and any offline participants will receive the message when they log into their IM service.

Khais said that is ideal for those who need to collaborate, but are geographically separated. “When you are in a conference, not all participants need to be online for activity, so if you have conference participants in radically different time zones, they will still receive all the sent messages and status information for the conference.”

Cross-Network IM Conferencing with Persistent.IM
July 29, 2008, By Vangie Beal


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