Five SEO Tips for Better Search Engine Results

Jill Whalen, CEO and founder of High Rankings shares five on-page tactics that professional SEO companies use to drive the most targeted search engine traffic possible to their clients’ Web sites.

“Choose which keyword phrases belong on which pages. Armed with your researched keyword phrase lists, go through the key pages of your site and choose three to six phrases that apply to each page. Many people believe they should optimize each page for only one keyword phrase, but nothing reads as poorly as a page that has only one keyword phrase as its focus.

Ideally, you’ll want to use different sets of keywords for each page, but some overlap is fine. Avoid targeting any one keyword phrase on every page of your site — you gain no advantage in doing so. After all, the search engines will only show two pages at most from your site for any search query, so the idea is to show up for as many different phrases as possible. This works out nicely as no two people search in the same manner. You may use certain words to describe your product, but your prospects may use very different ones. “

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2 responses to “Five SEO Tips for Better Search Engine Results

  1. Thanks for sharing. Search engine optimization is indeed one of the most crucial areas in Internet marketing, it is a perfect bridge between technology and business.

  2. Oops, I definitely break those rules. Every post I’ve done has technology.


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