eBay Listing Issues Irk Sellers, OS Shopping Carts

EBay cans its Listing Policy changes but rolls out what some sellers call an “unfair” Multiple Listings policy, and the eBay Partner Network announces a new affiliate compensation plan. Plus, PayPal gets ready for back-to-school spending and PrestaShop announces version 1.0 of its free, open source e-commerce solution.

“Under the new policy, duplicate items from the same seller will be limited to a single showing in search results. eBay defines identical items as listings from the same seller that have the same title and the same listing format. King did say that multiple auction-style listings with the same title with a different number of bids and different prices are not considered identical and will all be displayed in the search results.

Sellers who list many different items will also be limited to up to 10 items shown on the search page. So, any seller who has twenty unique items listed, for example, will see only up to 10 shown on the first page, with the remainder shown on the second and subsequent search results pages. These changes are being reported by sellers in all searches, not just eBay’s Best Match. Under the new change, if you list 10 items, all with the same title and price, buyers will only see one of those listings in their search results. Once a bid has been placed, however, the listing with a bid, plus a second listing theoretically should show on the first search results page.”

eBay Watch: Listing Issues Irk Sellers, OS Shopping Carts
By Vangie Beal, August 6, 2008


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