From eBay to Bidtopia: Bargainland’s Success Story

Bidtopia is born after high-volume liquidator Bargainland says bye-bye to eBay, which requested it to cut its business by 75 percent.

According to St. James, Bargainland (which is also a company named for the popular eBay user ID), was greatly affected by changes at eBay. Policies on designer brand names, for example, limited Bargainland to listing only five of these items at a time, and in other instances, Bargainland was required to have a 98 or 99 percent positive feedback. St. James said that when you sell this type of product, even if you list every single item as damaged in the description, you just cannot achieve that high of a rating. The company also believed that eBay, through its new policy changes, was discouraging the types of listings that was the core of its business.

St. James told that they were asked by eBay to cut back the number of listings or change to a different type of auction. According to St. James, eBay wanted Bargainland to cut its eBay business by 75 percent. He said, “We were doing tens of millions of dollars worth of business with them, and really, how can you cut back 75 percent of that in three months?”

From eBay to Bidtopia: Bargainland’s Success Story
By Vangie Beal, August 12, 2008


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