Open AIM: What’s In It for End Users?

When AOL launched its Open AIM program to the developer community over two years ago, it offered open access the AIM code base as well as access to the 27 million plus monthly users of AOL’s instant messaging network.

“In a nutshell, Open AIM provides developers with access to AIM presence functionality, the AIM Software Developer Kit (SDK ) for building plug-ins and custom clients, and also Web-based API s for incorporating IM functionality into web pages.

Most users of the AOL instant messaging network really don’t put much stock in phrases like “unfettered access,” APIs, SDKs, or other developer jargon, but what they do get out of the Open AIM developer community is new ways in which they can use the AIM service itself. Open AIM 2.0 directly serves the developer community, but it’s the developers themselves who help add novelty to the network.”

Open AIM: What’s In It for End Users?
August 12, 2008, By Vangie Beal


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