This is Why Online Sellers Get Annoyed (and Negs)

… Because some buyers just don’t read. I recently opted to list a Nintendo Wii with extras on kijiji (and Bonanzle also), simply because I didn’t want to pay eBay fees on this one. Its actually my son’s system – he doesn’t use it and wants $350 for everything. So here is the actual text of my Kijiji ad:

Complete Nintendo Wii system with box, manuals, all cords, controller, Wii Sports, purchase receipt. This system was used about 20-25 times total since purchased.
— Second complete controller
— 4 games: Happy feet, Mario Party 8, Avatar The last Airbender, Red Steel

– 2 GameCube Controllers
– 10 GameCube games (works with Wii).
Tiger 2004, Tony Hawk Underground2, Sonic2, Mirra2 bmx, CustomRobo, Ghost recon, Madden 2002, NHL 2002, Soul Caliber II, DragonBallZ Budokai

$350.00 for lot (will not sell separately). My 11 year old son is selling this because he just doesn’t use it.

Notice the last sentence “$350.00 for lot (will not sell separately).” Here is the e-mail:

Interested Person: “How many controllers? How much you want for just the console controllers and Mario party?”
Me: “Hi there, sorry but the ad has “$350.00 for lot (will not sell separately).” written right in it.
Interested Person: “Sorry I don’t take the time to read really long ads.”

Its 95 words with most of it in point form, for a $350 item. I don’t understand why on earth a person would respond to a classified ad without actually reading the ad first. Its no wonder buyers complain about being ripped off. If you can’t take the time to find out what is being offered and the sellers’ conditions for the sale, then you should not be on auction or classified sites looking to buy. Sheesh! :)


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