Free Bonanzle Booth Images

Bonanzle is an online marketplace for buying and selling goods, faster, while having fun. This online marketplace aims to be the most simple, yet powerful choice for online buying and selling.

When you list an item on Bonanzle, the items can all be viewed in your own personal booth (like an online storefront). You can change the picture (header image) of your own booth, by selecting a template from Bonanzle or by uploading your own image. Bonanzle booth images should be 692 x 104 pixels.

I have uploaded 15 images that you can freely use to edit for your own Bonanzle booth. These images are clips from my own personal stock photography portfolio. For best results, you should save the image and open it in a graphics program to add your own logo, quote, booth name, and so on. Have a look here.


2 responses to “Free Bonanzle Booth Images

  1. Wow! Way cool! Hope that you’ve posted these in the forums somewhere?

  2. Nope — I’m still working on getting them to a real server (just about done). I put them in my booth as a freebie though!

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