Contests and Coupons for Canadians

One of the sites I have been doing for the past year is GameGirlz.coma main link for Canadian residents to find contests, freebies, and coupons.  For years I have been shopping with coupons, usually saving between $800 and $1,000 a year on the general household items I buy. I also started contesting several years ago and decided to incorporate high-value Canadian contests (national brand contests with prizes valued at more than $1,000) into the Web site, in addition to coupon and money-saving tips and resources. 

The main Web site, offers coupons and saving guides, plus I also maintain two related blogs; one for contests one for Canadian freebies. 

The site was updated today with lots of new contests (Enter to Win a Blackberry Pearl ($400), Brother Printer ($349), Juno Swag bag ($5,000), $10,000 from Lindt, Mr.Clean Gift baskets ($250), Trip to London ($6,000), Home Theater Package ($3400), and a $20,000 game room from Hasbro). The Canadian Coupon blog was also updated with new manufacture coupons that you can request to save money when grocery shopping.

Good luck contesting– and I hope you save lots of money!


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