EBay Clarifies Buyer and Seller Protection Obligations

This week we take a look at eBay’s new in-house “Purchase Protection Policy” and how this program changes the eBay User Agreement.

While eBay still strongly focuses on encouraging buyers to work with sellers before opening a claim, when a buyer doesn’t receive an item or the item doesn’t match what was described — and the seller doesn’t provide adequate resolution to the buyer — eBay will reimburse the buyer subject to the conditions of its new eBay Purchase Protection policy. 

It is extremely important for sellers conducting business on eBay to be aware of the changes and also to know that your eBay User Agreement requires you to accept the terms and condition as outlined in the new eBay Purchase Protection policy.

The new eBay User Agreement is effective immediately for new eBay members registering on or after May 04, 2009, and on June 8, 2009, for current members. Those who do not agree to or accept the new User Agreement are advised by eBay to close their account.

EBay Clarifies Buyer and Seller Protection Obligations
By Vangie Beal, May 6, 2009


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