Google Search Tips and Shortcuts

Google Web search is so popular is that is offers fast and powerful searches, plus it has a simple Web page that is quick to load and easy to use. While Google produces fast search results, there several quick and easy shortcuts that will help improve your Google searches.

  • Area Code: You can search for the geographical location to any U.S. and many other country codes by typing the 3-digit area code into the search box.
    Example Search: 876
  • Book Search: To search for book text, simply use the word “book” in front of your search phrase. This will remove non-book related search results.
    Example Search: book The Lord of the Rings
  • Calculator: Google has a built-in calculator function. To use it, simply type the equation in the search box.
    Example Search: 5*4+6/2

Read all the Google tips for faster searching here.

Google Search Tips and Shortcuts
By Vangie Beal, May 08, 2009


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