Handy Keyboard Shortcuts For IE, Chrome and Firefox

While the mouse is considered one of the greatest and most useful computing technologies ever made, sometimes the redundant point-and-click actions can slow you down. Keyboard shortcuts save time and help you get exactly where you want to be in seconds. Here are some useful keyboard shortcuts you can use while surfing the Web with the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google’s Chrome browser.

Internet Explorer (IE) Shortcuts
ESC Stop downloading current page
F5 Refresh page
F11 Toggle browser between full-screen and regular view

Mozilla Firefox Shortcuts
CTRL + K Select a search bar
CTRL + TAB Switch tabs
CTRL + D Add bookmarks

Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts
ALT + F4 Close current window
ALT + HOME Open homepage
ALT + SHIFT +B Open Bookmark manager

Read all the keyboard shortcuts for faster Web browsing in this week’s Quick Reference article.

Handy Keyboard Shortcuts For IE, Chrome and Firefox
By Vangie Beal, May 15, 2009


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