Ebay Watch: eBay and Online Marketplace News

This week eBay wraps up user agreement revisions and iOffer launches a new bulk uploader. Plus we take a look at a new niche site for buying and selling used medical equipment.

In other online marketplace news, iOffer has announced a bulk editor that will help its sellers to edit multiple item listings more easily and also to maintain current inventory. With the bulk editor, iOffer says that sellers can update an item’s price, quantity, condition, description and shipping in three simple steps, allowing sellers to focus on marketing and customer satisfaction.

Another handy feature, shipping profiles, lets sellers create multiple profiles and apply them to different listings. For example, you may want to specify some items for international shipping, or you might want to apply free shipping on other listings. With this new feature, you can attach a shipping profile to existing or new item listings.

Ebay Watch: eBay and Online Marketplace News
By Vangie Beal, May 27, 2009


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